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1. LOTR fave character from book:Frodo
2. LOTR fave character from film: Legolas
3. (ditto for Moulin Rouge): Christian,he is so loveable
4. LOTR which character to you most identify with? Frodo
5. (ditto for Moulin Rouge): Christian, Love? Above all things i believe in love, love is like oxygen
6. LOTR which character would like to be: hmmm? maybe arwen, aragorn is pretty hot
7. (ditto for Moulin Rouge): Satine, I would love to fall in love with christian!!
8. Audrey or Faramir? Audrey
9. Gimli or Toulouse? Touloulse
10. Sauron or The Duke? The Duke
11. Monmarte or Bree? Montmarte
12. Gothic Tower or Orthanc? Gothic Tower, it suits me better
13. Gandalf or Zidler? zidler
14. Light of Earendil or Electricity at Moulin Rouge? Electricity!
15. Elephant or Oliphaunt? Elephant
16. Battles or Cancan? CanCan
17. Diamond Dogs or Nazgul? Diamond Dogs
18. which 'temptress': Satine or Galadriel? Satine
19. Which would you rather attend:
Bilbo's Party or Spectacular, Spectacular?Spectacular Spectacular!! its wonderful! you can tell i dont exactly love lotr that much but i like it.
20. Council of Elrond or Emergency Rehersal?Emergency Rehersal
21. Better Hair: Satine or Legolas? Satine, legolas’s is too blonde, i like the redness
22. Bohemian: Christian
23. Elf: legolas
24. Diamond Dog: Nini
25. Hobbit: Frodo
26. Baz Film (other than Moulin Rouge): I have only seen Moulin Rouge by Baz
27. Peter Film (other than LOTR): haven't seen any other peter jackson films
28. Fave line from Moulin Rouge:Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing, come back to me and forgive everything!! Seasons may change winter to spring, i love you until the end of time.:))))
29. Fave line from LOTR: One ring to rule them all....
30. Line: Come what may....I will love you until my dying day or the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return
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