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The greatest thing

I honestly cannot believe a community like this already exists.  You see, LotR and Moulin Rouge are my two favorite things EVER.  And even though they have very little in common on the surface, a diehard fan like me knows that below the exterior they hold true the same ideals of freedom, love, and chivalry.

The Survey

1. LOTR fave character from book:  Sam

2. LOTR fave character from film:  Aragorn

3. (ditto for Moulin Rouge): Christian, my destined life partner

4. LOTR which character to you most identify with? Eowyn

5. (ditto for Moulin Rouge): Christian

6. LOTR which character would like to be: Arwen

7. (ditto for Moulin Rouge): Satine.  Gee, I wonder why I picked those two?


8. Audrey or Faramir?  Faramir

9. Gimli or Toulouse? Tououlse

10. Sauron or The Duke?  The Duke

11. Mondmarte or Bree?  How could I ever choose?

12. Gothic Tower or Orthanc? Ditto

13. Gandalf or Zidler? Gandalf

14. Light of Earendil or Electricity at Moulin Rouge? Light of Earendil

15. Elephant or Oliphaunt? A BRONZE OLIPHAUNT

16. Battles or Cancan? Cancan

17. Diamond Dogs or Nazgul? Nazgul

18. which 'temptress': Satine or Galadriel? Galadriel is not a temptress in any way, shape, or form

19. Which would you rather attend:
Bilbo's Party or Spectacular, Spectacular? Spectacular Spectacular

20. Council of Elrond or Emergency Rehersal? Council, of course

21. Better Hair: Satine or Legolas? Satine.  Legolas' hair is dark, Peter Jackson!


22. Bohemian: Christian

23. Elf:  Arwen

24. Diamond Dog:  I don't like Nini and I don't know any others

25. Hobbit:  Sam

26. Baz Film (other than Moulin Rouge): I have only seen Moulin Rouge

27. Peter Film (other than LOTR): I have only seen LotR.  Besides, PJ is an imbecile.

28. Fave line from Moulin Rouge:  Oh, this is HARD!  I guess "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

29. Fave line from LOTR: "This day, we fight!"

30. Line:  Who could ever choose?





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